Sunday, 3 July 2011

"My new year resolution is to write a blog" - kate, 2011

And at the start of the seventh month in the year I finally get around to making a start on that resolution. This isn’t the first time I’ve attempted a written, story sharing, diary of my life.  The first time around the enjoyment was stripped away with the technical difficulties I faced with foreign computers (and my technical lack of knowhow). Then facebook stormed the world and easiness (laziness) of just uploading a bunch of photos and one line captions became the new diary. So here I am going back to what I started and sharing stories, thoughts, interests and photographs.
I have a few years of travels to catch up on so I’m going to throw in a few ‘flashbacks’ to previous adventures, thanks to my photo diaries on facebook the memories can be coaxed back.  I’m also hoping to improve my somewhat disjointed and often ranting writing style along the way. I can’t promise you’ll always understand what I’m saying but I hope you enjoy the pieces you decipher.

X Kate

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